On April 14th 2023 (de)Coding Mumbai was officially released by CEPT University Press.

This book is a culmination of the study that Sameep Padora had invited me to work on around 2017-2018. Although the research and compilation took about two years (September 2019) It took a quite a round of revisions for the book to reach the stage that it has and it is largely thanks to all the people who gave crucial feedback and reviews. This process took the remaining time between 2019 and 2023 for the book to finally be published (including those months of extreme doubts).

The book launch at CEPT was well attended. I was nervous as hell on that day. I managed to say a few words that day about the book and some related topics (I am adding the last part of my script below along with some photos of the book)

“3. One last thing I wanted to share was about being a researcher today in India. I think we are in a moment which is a good time to be a researcher in India today. Why? I think, there is a certain self-awarness that architects and academicians have developed in the turn of this century. And that has sprung a whole range of research and publication projects. These projects require people with research skills to take them up. In that light, I think cept university press is very interesting situated historically. And also the history and theory courses offered at CEPT will only help to improve the quality and the range of research projects that are emerging and that will emerge. And as we all know there is a lot of grounds to be covered here and also invented. 

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