Planes and Chunks: or what to do with architecture theory today?

This short essay suggests that among architects after Modernism, and especially in India, there have been two dominant positions when it comes to the question of the architectural object. Either buildings are seen as set of surfaces, points, and lines, or buildings are seen as chunks or solids. While this question has been discussed several […]

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Notes on Metaphysics

Where does one Start? Let us consider the following idea by Dewey, quoted fully below, as one of the guidelines to think about where to start metaphysics:  “It is not strange then that philosophies which have been at odds on every other point have been one in the conviction that the ultimately real is fixed and […]

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We breathe air. We breathe air. We breathe air. We breathe…. We…. breathe… air…But what is this stuff called air? There are so many ways to open up, define, and explain what air is. It is the medium of this thing called atmosphere.  It is everywhere, at least between the terrain and the ends of […]

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