Style as affective relation between the building and inhabitants

Farshid Moussavi in her book The Function of Style says that the question of style in architecture has been concerned with only representational aspects. These representational aspects include the following: 1) Representation of internal narratives: technics from different practices of an era, a culture, a region etc. 2) of an autonomous internal order of building systems: […]

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In a discussion on the idea of home, during the course on emerging urbanization at SEA, it occurred to me that we use the term living arrangement in a colloquial manner. But it is such a beautiful term that can encompass a broad range of things concerning living.  I will try to give a preliminary […]


Erasing Oneself?

Why is the question of erasing oneself so important in the continental thinking? The larger project seems to be that of humility. Humility as opposed to hubris. Humility in accepting that there are several kinds of limits in being human. And in the last decade or so, humility as a means to subvert several assumed […]

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Objects Without Form

The Dutch East India Company or VOC, as described by Graham Harman in his book Immaterialism, becomes an interesting object to discuss the difference between forms and objects. The VOC is an organization which has its operations spread from the Netherlands to Indonesian islands in Asia. VOC is an entity in its own accord, yet […]

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