013. Waiting Bars

Waiting Bars were common sense until 1990’s.  Waiting Bars literally meant consideration for incremental growth.  This is also an incremental work involving friends far and close – human and non-human.  Incremental growth was also a thing in the Middle Class housing of the Town Planning Schemes.  The buildings in Town Planning Schemes, typically designed by […]

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010. Reading Architecture Practice: Mumbai

Unlike the classical or the medieval city, the neoliberal city -which has acquired several nicknames as megalopolis and the liberal monument among others- has posed some unique contexts for the contemporary practice of architecture. For one, it poses a context of perpetual crisis defined by many unjust, territorial occupations spread over an endless and even field. With […]

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009. Guest Hostel

The clients’ brief was simple, ‘some guest rooms and a garden with 24 different types of trees (24 because it represents the 24 messengers or preachers of Jainism who have achieved the highest state of human conscious and Moksha) and together it should form what they referred to as a ‘Wisdom Park’. The site is a beautiful contoured tapering […]

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