Silvassa, Gujarat.

Year: 2015

Status: 3rd Prize

Since the proliferation of the novel architecture has slowly and steadily lost its importance as the quintessential part of the public memory. The complete death of course was experienced at the turn of the 20th century in the practice of modernist architects. 

Although symbols on architecture have been irrelevant for over more than a century, memory still has retained its place within the realm of architecture and especially in space marked by architectural elements.

Memory, as it is well established, is better established by rituals and repetition. And it is here, in the ritualistic act of arriving to a bus depot and catching a bus at a particular time to a particular destination, where we locate out primary intention. To offer a public place within a public building.

The structure is straight forward 8mx8m grid. It provides the necessary grammar to the further articulation of the building.

The facade of the building is conceived to be made in precast reinforced concrete fins. Silvassa and surounding regions have numerous manufactures of precast concrete artifacts like screens, electric post, posts, door frames etc. We simply propose to make use of this seemingly articulate mode of production to be utilized in making this building. Thereby making the building as local as possible regardless of the formal expression of the building. 

In all, the spirit of making only a place instead of a overtly designed building is what this project is all about.

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