he over ambitious tower that Adil Shah ll wanted to construct would have placed Bara (12) Kaman (arches) among the rarest monuments in the world. But, since it has remained far from completion it has generated a lot of myths around it, some possible and some really impossible ones. The murderous conspiracies, mysteries and ambitions make the case of Bara Kaman even more curious.

Taking these myths, mysteries, legends and conspiracies as departure points the students explored the idea of developing design through narrative structures. Students worked in a total of eleven groups. As already one floor of Bara Kaman stands completed, each of the eleven groups were given one floor, of the remaining eleven floors, of Bara Kaman to propose their design intervention. 

Through the workshop students explored ways to develop new narrative structures for their stories and myths and how they can be expressed through architecture. In the end all the models were be stacked on top of each other to form an installation (of approximately 2.7 meters) and complete the idea of the Bara Kaman.

The workshop was conducted with Shreyank Khemalapure and Ajay Sonar at BLDE College of Architecture, Bijapur, India. 

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