006. Small Park

Proposed Urban Intervention at Vapi, Gujarat.  The site is a derelict strip under the array of high-tension electric cables. Some parts of the strip are developed as gardens and parks for the neighborhood. This parcel of land abutting a major highway has been left untreated.  We proposed a simple intervention of a brick paved landscape with tree pods around […]

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003. Bus Depot

Silvassa, Gujarat. Year: 2015 Status: 3rd Prize Since the proliferation of the novel architecture has slowly and steadily lost its importance as the quintessential part of the public memory. The complete death of course was experienced at the turn of the 20th century in the practice of modernist architects.  Although symbols on architecture have been irrelevant for […]

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001. Continuos Guggenheim

A THEATRE OF CULTURAL PRODUCTION If the intention to build a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki is to exhibit ‘artistic process… connect the public with artists and their practices’, this is perhaps the key to an exemplary XXI century museum. By creating this ‘laboratory for visual culture’ the program is no longer just the exhibition of art—mostly artistic objects—but, more […]

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