Vegetable Market, Silvassa, Gujarat. 

Year: 2015.

Status: Competition: 3rd Prize


Public Building or the Idea of Place Making. 

We believe that for a public building to be truly public the building primarily needs to offer the space for events to occur. It needs to simply be a place where the possibility for a public gathering is inherent in the nature of construction of the space. 

To achieve this, rather simple, intention we chose to employ a simple construction system of column and arch for the ground and podium level. An array of tensile roofs following the same grid as the columns provide the very basic shelter for the upper level platform. 

A wide flight of steps right at the entrance connect the footpath to the podium levels while also allowing pedestrian access to the ground level market. A series of alternating courtyards allow for visual and physical connection between the ground and the podium level. 


Team: Jagdish Jani, Jagdish Jani Architects, Vapi |  Yuvraj Chauhan, Vapi. | Sonal Soni, The Design Studio, Vapi.| Shreyank Khemalapure, ROOM -for architecture-, Mumbai. | Special thanks to Dhruv from Oleomingus for the wonderful illustrations.

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